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While in Toowoomba…

I’ll write in my other post a little brief information and details about Toowoomba, what to do, and why we were here (I will put a link when I’m done with it). For now, let me share where we stayed and why we loved the accommodation we chose.


Okay, so, it’s our (Wayne & I) first time to actually stay in a Bed and Breakfast kind of “accommodation” where in these types of lodgings are actually popular here in Australia.


I was looking for an accommodation to stay 1 week before, for a big event we are going to be attending in Toowoomba. Unfortunately, almost everything is fully booked; especially the ones in the Central business district, and all the cheap ones are taken. Well, there are some still available in a fancy hotel for $300+ but we don’t really want to splurge on that. Luckily I came across Glen Ellen Bed & Breakfast, which that time, is the cheapest in line for $170 per night. Still a bit pricey for us, but it’s the only cheap one available amongst the expensive ones, haha! And we were fortunate enough that it’s located just opposite from Queens Park, where the event mainly will be held.



So here it is…

The house facade

It’s actually a house, which was built in the late 80’s and was just renovated and maintained. It’s like stepping back in time to a more gracious era. Carmel, the very accommodating, friendly and warm host and also the part owner will run you through the history of the place.


(Guests lounge; where you can just sit back, watch TV, read books or chat with other guests)

From its Terrazzo, cedar, and pine floors, to the marble and cast iron fire place, Glen Ellen Bed & Breakfast is a cozy and comfortable home with pleasing mix style from the late 20s.

There is also a common kitchen, where you are free to cook your own meal, or drink water and eat at the dinner table. Though, if you want your breakfast to be cook and serve for you, they will charge you $12 for a wide variety of cold breakfast meal, such as yoghurt, fruits, bread, toast, tea and a lot more.

And our room…


We felt like we are just having a vacation at our grandma’s house, its super comfy, we have a queen size bed, with lots of pillows, a very chic chandelier, vintage artworks on the wall, complete with television, heater and an aircon, and the huge window over looking Queens Park. We couldn’t ask for a better place to have checked-in. This place was just perfect for us.


Our toilet and spa bath complete with a set of toiletries.




Glen Ellen Bed and Breakfast has 3 other rooms. The Pink Poppies Studio, The White Horse Room, and The White Horse Suite. The two rooms are in the main house and the other are separated self-contained studio. We had the Willows Room which is at the main house. Facilities provided included wifi internet, all has private bath rooms and car parking.


So, this place is definitely going to be our go to, when we are in Toowoomba for a day or so.


Please check out their website for more information, http://www.glenellenbnb.com.au/ Or phone them at +61746599194 / email: reservations@glenellenbnb.com.au


MissHappyWanderer invades OZ :)

picture from google

(photo from google)

It has been a while since I last updated my blog. Well, my mind was kind of pre-occupied with a lot of stuff for the past months, and me transferring from one place to another place made me really anxious.


So today marks my 1month here in Queensland (Australia). So far so good, I must say. Everything felt new when I arrived here, but so liberating at the same time. I must admit though, it gets lonely at times and it’s never easy but I get over and done with it eventually. I need to focus why I’m here and why I chose to be here. I get scared sometimes, being all alone in the house when Wayne is at work, but there is just so much to do, that I forget how scared I am. Its different here, I do a lot of household chores everyday, which I don’t normally do way back home (Philippines), it’s a learning process for me, and I needed this for myself ‘cause all my life I have been very dependent with our house-helps and nannies, and just dependent in general. Here, I got to rely on myself. You know that saying “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice” – that is my current feeling. It’s either you move forward, go big or go home. That’s just your choices.

I needed to push my driving skills to the limits here. Cabs are expensive, no tricycle, LOL! It’s a 20minute walk to the main town, where the shopping centers are. I drove on my first day, yeah. Without any idea what the road rules are, with a right-hand drive. Its frightening, cause every corner has a CCTV, so I drive like 20KPH, haha! I hate to be pulled over by a police, there is no bribing here and I have no brother/sister to call on to when I get in trouble. Anyways, I do groceries and BUDGET, which I NEVER get to do at home, LOL! Where in I just pick whatever I want in the grocery and put it in the cart without checking the price tag. Here, I have my calculator in my left hand while pushing the grocery cart on my right (or vice versa) LOL! And just pick the ones that are important (Sigh). And Wayne always says, “just buy the ones that you are going to use.” Hahaha! Of course, considering we have a lot of bills to pay such as house rent, electricity bill, internet, cards, etc. I don’t really worry about this adult stuff; I never worry about this way back home. I just worry what my dog has to eat everyday. Yeah!

I also do cook everyday, wash clothes, wash the dishes, throw the rubbish weekly, which is a big plastic container with wheels and you have to drag it to the street to be picked up by the garbage truck. I also clean the whole house, as in the whole of it, including the toilet. Thankfully, there are these chemicals and electric cleaners that make my life easier. I know this has been a daily routine for some, don’t judge me, but my life’s cutting-edge has just started. I even needed to acquire knowledge on car machines and even learn how to change tires, and even put on my own petrol. Thank God, I don’t have to trim our lawn; the town has someone in charge for that. And since labor is expensive here, we need to actually do everything on our own, like fix the wires, light bulbs, wood alignment, paint, and a lot more if you know what I’m talking about. Even simple haircut, manicure and pedicure are costly. I miss my life at home, but I really feel like growing for the first time in my life. It’s fulfilling. It’s just Wayne and me now, and we have no one to really depend with. Ironically it feels like personal liberty. No one is telling us what to do, we can make our own plans clearly, and we feel more responsible. Though I feel like my insanity has been the one keeping me moving here, haha! I’m just glad Wayne is here with me to walk me thru outside my comfort zone. I break down and cry once in a while, but every tear I shed makes me stronger. :’)

our flat 🙂

Anyway, we are situated in Dalby, a 2hour drive from Brisbane, the main city of the state of Queensland in the country of Australia. We rented a fully furnished flat, which we pay weekly. Our flat is a 5-10minutes walk to the first few blocks of the town district and few blocks away from the huge park, where they have like more than 20 bird species alive and flying, its beautiful. That’s all I can say. This place is shouting out nature. Its green everywhere, fresh air, its peaceful, really quiet (except when the neighbors are having a house party), Australians here love to greet each other “Good day mate!” with a heavy Australian accent, LOL! If you are a city person, I don’t know if you’d be able to survive here. Though I was actually told that a lot of people choose to retire in this town ‘cause its stress free, anyway the city is just a few drives away, and we all like a little road trip, don’t we? And everything is expensive in the city. So I guess its safe to say that, it was a blessing in disguise somehow to be in this town, (Wayne’s contract site is here for 4 years) it’s still expensive here, but NOT THAT expensive, unlike in the city where rents are triple the price compare to where we are. Dalby is like Davao City in the Philippines, clean, everything is organized, the town is not that small but everything we need is here. Wayne likes it here so much ‘cause he is able to save a lot, while I’m working on it. LOL! 😀


Wayne enjoying the swing at the park


Winter sunset


finally saw a Pelican in the flesh! 🙂

Also, I learned from Wayne and every one around that Malls here in Australia are open ‘till 8:30AM – 6PM (ONLY) during weekdays, and I think until 9PM during Fridays. And they are open for half a day on Saturdays and closed on Sundays. That also applies in some stores, and cafes. I was a bit worried about this at first, but I realized what’s the point of establishments closing late? If you need anything you can go there even before it closes or buy in bulk? And hey less expenditures, right? And people got to rest and spend time with their families. But Pubs, bars, and some restaurants are open till wee hours. In the town where I live in, (when the weather is fine) on weekends, I see families walk around the park, kids playing around their backyard, I don’t know how many dog owners I see who walks their dogs, and some even play catch outside their houses. Mostly here as I’ve noticed spends time with their family on weekends, out of town or just simply hanging in their houses.


Dalby after the storm (photo from google)


(photo from google)

Still a bit of culture shock I guess, where in I always have to speak English, LOL! Things are way so up to date, stuff I haven’t even seen before or haven’t used. There is always chips (French fries) or mashed potato on the meal menu, heaps of them! And gosh I need to learn their accent! Its not American English, its more of British but heavier accent. I wish I could tell them to slow down sometimes when they are talking to me, LOL! They also have different terms used for things, like cellphone load its called recharge voucher here, gas is called petrol, sausage is snags, and holding up an inverted peace sign is a bad thing, very bad. Work culture is also different here; Employees are paid weekly, and companies make sure that their workers have medical /hospital insurances, it’s a must! A Prime Minister runs the country. And it amazes me how the Australian government supports their citizens, schooling for kids, allowances for seniors or basically a citizen without a job. Drivers are more giving, no beating the red lights or what so ever. LOL! I guess I just got used to different ways on the road back home. And oh, there was this time when I saw someone in the grocery walking barefoot, and I saw a student crossing the road barefoot, and a man also barefoot, on different occasions. Wayne said, its just normal here. Oh well! And it’s normal when they greet you “Good day mate” even if they don’t know you. They love that.


Anyways, I have to stop here for now, need to run some errands. I can’t wait to share with you guys more of my experiences and show you the places I will go to soon enough. It is winter now, and its really cold. And it will be colder up until August. Spring is on September and summer is on December. I think I’ll just get warm and cozy until winter is over, this weather is actually making me just want to snuggle under my sheets, hehe! I heard there are nice ski resorts around though; maybe Wayne and I will try to check those out if we get a chance.

 Remember, nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. ‘till next time wanderers! 🙂



Okay, so this post has been long over due. I got very busy. And for the past week I have a dog patient to attend to. But anyway, here goes. Some of you may be aware (or not) about the event I posted, that I was so excited about, that got cancelled to its original date that was supposed to be held on September 20th, and got moved on 11th October instead, considering the typhoon. Anyway, I was talking about the Blogapalooza 2014 gathered at the SMX Convention center – SM Aura. 🙂

Even though I didn’t have enough time, I made sure I squeezed it in my schedule, haha! Like I said, it got moved, so eventually there were errands that crashed my blogapalooza time. But I managed to juggle everything just fine, I guess? I wouldn’t let this pass for the world! Haha! Unless, life and death situation.

For starter, a blogger friend of mine BudgetedWanderer was telling me how great his experienced was since he attended last year’s event. He told me how fun it was, and how he enjoyed meeting new people at the same interests. And how Blogapalooza helped his blog known to some, just by signing up and giving out calling cards. So I got convinced to sign up for this year’s event. It’s actually pretty much interesting for me since the only purpose why I made my blog was just to share my story. And boy oh boy, I did not regret it! Only one thing, though this is one of those events that we enthusiastically look forward to, we were there for just more than 2hours! Ironic! Budgetedwanderer has work and I have committed to some chores to finish. But still we made the most out of it!


As a first timer, I didn’t actually know what I was going to do, but then, my friend were guiding me all through out. We signed up at the entrance; the receptionists gave us a red bag from Eagle’s wings Enterprises, and an I.D with our name and our blog on it. And there as we got in, booth heaven everywhere! Haha!


So basically, Blogapalooza is a business to bloggers event. Some brands are actually spread out digitally now a days, and who better to spread the words but bloggers, bloggers who are self proclaimed critics on their own. Haha! Guilty here! LOL!

There were a lot of businesses that joined and sponsored the event, namely: Max’s, Acer, Bioessence, Canon, Chooks to go, Crocs, Dr. Kong, Dyson, Easy taxi, Idea vision, Chips ahoy, Sky cable, Sample room, My shopping box, Vikings, Zomato, Ysa, Zion wifi, View park hotel, Maxi care, Victoria court, Flawless, Eat out manila, House of Lasagna, Gaming library, and a lot more! And of course, kudos to Wheninmanila and Ourawesomeplanet who made this all possible.

some of the few goodies i got!

some of the few goodies i got!


@BudgetedWanderer posing for ah!

@BudgetedWanderer posing for ah!


I unlocked mine in 35seconds. Haha! @ZionWifi

I unlocked mine in 35seconds. Haha! @ZionWifi


we had a little pica from Chef's Noodle

we had a little pica from Chef’s Noodle


Dr. Kong is actually very helpful, to determine your feet condition.  They have free assessment any branch they have. :)
Dr. Kong is actually very helpful, to determine your feet condition.
They have free assessment in any of their branch. 🙂


we love photo booth...

we love photo booth…

There were also public figures and celebrities who hosted the event. I got my few shares of them and even got lucky to have my picture taken to one. Haha! Fangirling here!

Anyway, I had so much fun at the event, I got to talk to some of our major brands here in the Philippines, I participated to some of the games and won some prices and got to bag some freebies. Got some tips, pros and cons from influential people. Total experience was great! Only we had to leave early cause of our super tight schedule. I’ll make sure I got my whole day cleared the next time I attend this event! Hehe!

Read more about blogapalooza 2014 here:





Release the archer in you, @The ARCHERY ACADEMY.

“Nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow.” – Fred Bear


My friend Mike invited me a week ago to do this archery thing and without hesitation, I said YES! Anything for experience’s sake. Haha! So yesterday, September 13, 2014 at 8am (Philippine date and time). My friend Mike and I, set out to try archery! Yes, archery! Not the typical thing to do during weekend, right? I mean for some, but was actually surprise to know, that a lot of people from different race are actually in to this sport, even kids.

One group/venture that offers Archery lessons/classes and other sessions /programs for aspiring archers or simply you just want to try it out, is THE ARCHERY ACADEMY. Located at 4th floor, Intrawest Centre, Crossfit, Greenhills, #33 Annapolis St, San Juan Del Monte. Get directions here: Google maps


I was actually amazed, how super fun archery was! Aside from super friendly people (special mention to Rica and Coach Gio)at the archery, whom made us feel welcome and at ease, this sport will make you come back for more!


This is actually a good outlet for de-stressing, to loosen up and unwind. Or when you are mad at someone, you could just put his or her picture as target, of course you have firing for that also but this is a different thing. This is fun without deafening your ears! Haha! And this is also good for strengthening your upper body. Drawing a bowstring places stress on the muscles of both arms as well as the chest, shoulders and back. Similar to lifting weights, this stress is typically maintained for several seconds before the archer releases the string to fire an arrow. With repetition, the stress of drawing and firing a bow leads to muscle development in most of the major muscle groups of the upper body. The specific amount of development depends on both the draw strength of the bow and the amount of time that you spend practicing and competing (source: http://healthyliving.azcentral.com/health-benefits-archery-5454.html).


So, why not? Right? Please visit them and check them out on instagram and facebook. For bookings, please contact 0917-8037422. I am assuring you guys, you won’t regret trying this sport out. 🙂

Red Lantern Signature Cantonese Restaurant (Solaire Resort & Casino)


One of Solaire’s popular restaurants, which build stature in the years that passed, is their signature Chinese restaurant, Red Lantern. One of the best that serves Cantonese dishes if I may say, and that’s coming from someone who isn’t a fan of Chinese food. Yeah, you read that right; I’m not a fan. However, this I might make an exception.

According to Solaire, ingredients used in all their dishes arrived daily from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. So that’s to assure you food lovers out there who wants to try out Red Lantern, that they only serve Chinese authentic dishes.

The family and I went here to have dinner. And as the restaurant claim its name, (Red Lantern) they have this huge, almost twice as human size spiffy red lanterns hanging on the ceiling above of every table and different frames of lanterns and pictures of Chinese portraits hanging on the walls.




The entrance going to the dining area is actually very fancy. You have your usual greeter on the side with a podium. And the walls are very artsy, with a waterfall wall cascading on the other side.



Since Red Lantern is a fine dining restaurant, upon sitting down a waiter/server designated on your table will immediately put on a cloth napkin on your lap, offer you some complimentary tea, some sugar coated peanuts and almond nuts, and some wet towel for your hands, while waiting for your order to be serve. And oh, they also have this bag carrier, which I forgot to take picture. They actually provide this for those people who have huge bags, so your bag won’t get in the way while you eat.





Anyway, these are the dishes that we had:

Suckling Pig Php2,128/portionDSC_0145

Sweet & Sour Fish Php1,010/portionDSC_0149

Braised Pork Spare Ribs with Red Lantern Special Sauce Php900/portionDSC_0153

Stir Fried Broccoli with Garlic Php270/portionDSC_0147

Stir Fried Asparagus with Garlic Php270/portionDSC_0146

Wok Fried Egg Noodles with Dried shrimps Php560/portionDSC_0150

Marinated Bean Curd with dark soy sauce and Red Oil Php360/portionDSC_0152

Hand Rolled and Deep Fried Shrimp Balls with Longan and Thousand Island Dip Php460/portionDSC_0156

Check out more of Red Lantern’s Menu on zomato.com

All the food we ordered was good. It was legit! We weren’t disappointed. Delicious! And I will give two thumbs up for the Stir-fried Asparagus and Broccoli. The portions per plate though are just good for 2-3 persons, actually depending on how big your appetite is. Except for those expensive dishes on their menu, they actually have fair servings for those.

In my experience, I would say, Red Lantern is quality and exceptional. Although we had some delays in our hot appetizer, the supervisor made sure he attended to our concern right away.

They also have closed rooms that cater meetings, birthdays and any special occasions.



This here (picture below) is probably a 6×6 room with glass panel walls, good for 10persons for Php25,000 consumable order.DSC_0163

Make sure to visit Red Lantern at Solaire Resort and Casino website for more info, details and particulars and pop in on (http://solaireresort.com/360-tour/hotel-tour-red-lantern.html) for 360 view of the Red Lantern Restaurant.




BLOGAPALOOZA! Coming this September!

Blogapalooza facebook

They are ON once again and I am glad to be a part of it this time! Thank you to my friend, Mike for dragging me into this! 🙂

BLOGAPALOOZA is a one of the biggest Business to Blogger Networking event in Social Media metropolis, put straight by the two biggest blogs in the Philippines WhenInManila & OurAwesomePlanet.com

This is where Businesses and bloggers meet in one venue, all for the benefit of advertisements, promotions and marketing publicity. Where services, brands and products are showcased by well-known or just arising businesses, together with top bloggers, Facebook power users, Twitter superstars, Instagram icons as well as to our TV, radio, newspaper and magazines, commentating and blazoning the event, all in positive perspective.

I actually do not know what to expect since this is my first time, but I am super excited to be finally experiencing this event soon, and to actually meet some of our influential bloggers here in the Philippines.

blogapalooza community


Blogapalooza Instagram



For more info please visit http://blogapalooza.wheninmanila.com/